2017 – 2019 UGDSB Equity plan vs 2019 – 2022 Equity Plan – Concerns and Issues

The 2019 plan is VASTLY different than the 2020 plan.  They do not have definitions for terms like ‘toxic masculinity’ ‘anti-racism’ and ‘racism.’  It’s very concerning. Despite policies and plans referring to these as defined language.  Anyone who has negotiated any contracts would have HUGE issues with how this is being set up..
Here are working definitions within the board. Typically when you create a document that uses terms like this you have to define those terms. Here is an example within the board.  You can see their definitions of all sorts of things.
definitions for racist ugdsb 19
But no definitions of terms exist for anti-black racism, toxic masculinity, homopohobia or transphobia despite using those terms in their equity plan – 
Definitions again at racist ugdsb
If there are no clear definitions then they can apply it any way they want, without any kind of consistency. Why are they using language without definitions?  here is the superintendent of education confirming that the definitions do not exist.
definitions don't exixsti at racist ugdsb

Previous Equity Plan Comparison

In addition to being concerned about the lack of definitions in the current equity plan, a quick comparison of the previous equity plan shows that the update leaves a lot to be desired.


Here is the old equity plan ending 2019.  You can reach it through the BIPSA plan found here: (look for 3 year equity plan)  this page also outlines how the 3 year equity plan informs the school bullying prevention plan and safe equitable and inclusive school strategy. BIPSA is a whole other topic. 🙂


This is how these policies are used in the school:

racist ugdsb



Here is the old plan, so i can show you some comparisons.  Goal, action, outcomes. That seems like 3 reasonable columns to me. The equity plan is meant  to make everyone welcome and to feel safe and inclusive.


ugdsb equity plan old


ugdsb equity plan old


They address training and ‘anti-racism’ (I’m even more surprised this term is not defined in a working document after going through this).


ugdsb equity plan old



This is on page 4 of the 2017 equity plan and is absent from the new one.



The updated equity plan which can be found here includes the concerning undefined language but it’s structure is confusing and poorly laid out.

2019 racist equity plan ugdsb


2019 racist equity plan ugdsb


It has an ‘Actions’ ‘Strategies’ and “progress’ box. It appears they threw out the old plan and started fresh with this plan. The bottom bullet says to review concerns raised by parents but they did not review any of my concerns at all. You can read that story here.  


equity plan racist ugdsb 6


These words are undefined.  Training in anti-racism is impossible if the term ‘anti-racism’ is undefined.


racist equity policy ugdsb 2020 2

‘System racism’ is undefined. How can a policy perpetuate something if it is undefined?
definitions don't exixsti at racist ugdsb

They are going to disrupt gendered / sex divided washrooms? How and why?

When I asked for the working definition of racism from the board I was provided with the websters dictionary definition of racism. However, education leads are engaging in dictionary definition of racism openly while addressing board trustees, so I’m not sure what they are actually working from.

How does disrupting access to trips sports and programs help anyone? Why is that in the plan? There is a lot of work done to make sure that everyone in the class and school is able to access these resources and programs if they want to. The language here is very concerning. Disrupting sports?

You will disrupt conversations practices and assignments that exclude, identify or isolate people? How is that measured? By who is it measured? What is the intended use of this?

What is period equity?

What does intentional use of disruptive language like anti-Black racism, toxic masculinity, homophobia, transphobia mean?  Where will this language be used? Is it defined by the board or is there a definition I can look at? Why is it acceptable to use undefined terms in a document like this?

What are Anti-Racism practices? How can these be rolled out across the board if the term anti-racism is undefined? What kind of half baked “plan” is this?


They also plan to hire an HR manager.


diversity manager racist ugdsb


diversity manager racist ugdsb

diversity manager racist ugdsb

diversity manager racist ugdsb 3