Censorship and Charter Violations by the City of Guelph

The City of Guelph blocked my personal twitter account from being able to see the city’s official posts. They did not inform me about the block.

The City of Guelph violated my charter rights by removing my access to their official account and by restricting my ability to engage in civil discord with my fellow citizens. I am a property owner in the city and I pay my taxes on time.

Here are the emails that show what the city has engaged in.


Here is the response:



A few things to highlight.

-You can find the social media commenting guidelines here.

They include a clause that allows the city to take block any content or person they want with no oversight. They don’t even have to inform the person that they have lost access to the city’s social media.



The last one on the list says “Any content deemed inappropriate by the city of Guelph.”  That means they can decide that they don’t like you and that you are not allowed to have access to their social media platforms across the board. Not just facebook or twitter. All of them.

Here is my response to Tara:


I had to wait a week for a response to this question. Here it is:



So what the city has engaged in here is a violation of my basic rights on multiple fronts. First, I had no due process. There was an accusation of wrongdoing against me.  Then the city acted as if I was guilty of that accusation and they moved to punish me. They decided, without telling me, that my crime warranted a 1 year removal from access to the city’s social media. Further, they also blocked my Canadapoli2 twitter account. No warnings were given for that.

In Tara’s response she did not answer my questions.

  1. I asked what specific tweet had triggered the block
    The city responded that it was a whole lot of interactions across all sorts of social media sites that they disagreed with and that resulted in the block. They could not give me a specific example of how I violated their terms, but are their terms even valid? Other social media accounts post similar things that I post, why are they allowed to continue interacting?
  2. I was accused and convicted without even being informed I had done anything warranting a block. They warned me, but their warnings were not specific. You can see the attached items they sent me here:

Tweets from Me to city of Guelph:



Tweets from City of Guelph to Me:



My comment at the on the equity initiatives which they are lying about.


Here is my response to Tara:




Here is my letter to Guelph’s CAO –