O Canada, the opposite I’ll sing,
Where truth is hidden and lies take wing.
From sea to sea, the falsehoods spread,
A land of chaos, where trust is dead.

With glowing hearts, we do not see,
The division and hate that mark this country.
Our home and native land, torn apart,
By discord and strife, it breaks the heart.

O Canada, our leaders fail,
To uphold justice and fairness, they derail.
We stand on guard, but who for?
As freedoms erode and rights ignore.

God keep our land, we plea in vain,
For corruption and greed, they reign.
From far and wide, we watch dismayed,
As the values we cherished begin to fade.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee,
But where’s the unity that used to be?
In all of us command, no more,
As divisions deepen, we ignore.

With glowing hearts, we strive to find,
The opposite of unity, a fractured mind.
O Canada, we sing this lament,
For the opposite of hope, we’re now content.