March 23 Letter Regarding Continued Isolation Expectations

Hello Dr. Mercer,

Please help me understand something that has come to light. I will be asking about this in person on April 7, but this is egregious and shocking and i want to make sure i’m clear on what happened.
On March 3 I begged the board of health to act on language sent from this health board that is forcing parents to abuse their children, by order of public health. Peel and other school boards walked back this language after it became apparent that it was instructing abusive actions.
In your signed letter to me you stated:
“Finally, to avoid misunderstandings, WDGPH has not issued an Order requiring that children be isolated from members of their households in cases where a classmate has tested positive. Although no Order has been issued, we do recommend that children who have tested positive or who are experiencing symptoms consistent with Covid-19, should be isolated from other members of the household but only to the extent that it is possible to do so without compromising their care.  “
Attached is a copy of the letter instructing parents to isolate a healthy child due to being a high risk contact. If no order was issued, why is this letter being sent out instructing parents to abuse their children? You said no order has been issued, therefore, no letter should be sent. And yet, attached is the letter sent to parents.
Also, here is a media piece that covered the open letter sent by Dr. Bridle expressing exactly the same concerns that I had.
Why lie? If you lie about this, what else are you lying about? Your credibility is shot. Do you have any reasonable explanation for this egregious lie that enabled abuse of children to continue?
If you sit on this health board, were you aware of this lie? Were you aware of the language being sent out to parents? Would you be able to send your 8 year old daughter to her room for 14 days as is instructed? If you were aware then you are as complicit in the inaction. If you were not aware, it is time you started asking some questions!!
I am shocked, saddened and sickened by your lie and your lack of action. Shame on you. What about the children who suffer because of your lie and your inaction!!!!!
I will be publishing this as an open letter, and will be following up with new data for my delegation on April 7.
Mark Paralovos