a letter to every single Ontario politician, demanding the reversal of mandatory mask mandates in schools without proper data

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Thursday April 8, 2021

The following letter has been sent to:

Stephen Lecce, Education Minister of Ontario, Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, Christine Elliott, Health Minister of Ontario, Dr. David Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Ontario, All Ontario school board directors, superintendents and trustees, ETFO, OECTA, OSSTF, AEFO, All Ontario MPPs 

To Whom it may concern: 

Parents for Mask Free Education is a group of Ontario parents concerned about our children’s human rights, health and safety in schools.  

Our concerns are with COVID-19 policies and recommendations in schools that many experts around the world believe are inflicting harm on our children. One of the greatest harms we see being inflicted on children is mandatory masks and social distancing during a critical time of their social, emotional and cognitive development. There are several examples 1,2,3,4,8, 10, 11,13 that illustrate the emotional, psychological and developmental damage being done to children. Recently, Ontario lowered the threshold for mandatory masks to grade 1 from grade 4, and masks were also made mandatory outside during recess and lunch breaks. Prior to February 2021, masks were not mandatory outside.  While some educators are giving children scheduled “mask breaks”, some are not providing enough breaks, or any breaks at all.

We believe measures like social distancing and mandatory masking for children, with few breaks, is unnecessary, excessive and potentially harmful. There are currently no studies on the long-term impacts of masking young children 5, and the World Health Organization’s directives on mask wearing for children clearly states that low-risk children under 12 do not need to wear masks 6. The WHO also says “masks should not be worn during vigorous physical activity 7,” guidance that Ontario schools are clearly contravening.

According to Health Care Consent Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c. 2, Sched. A (ontario.ca). Mandating masks to stop the spread of a disease is a medical treatment requiring an individual’s consent under sections 10 & 11 of the Health Care Consent Act, Ontario.

Mandating the wearing of masks contravenes sections 2 and 7 of the Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982 (justice.gc.ca). We ask that the Ontario government and school boards justify contravening these acts.

We are requesting the Ontario government and school boards provide the scientific data and risk assessment that was used to justify mandatory masking policies in schools for children in grades 1-12. Can you guarantee there will be no developmental, emotional and cognitive short and long-term effects from mask wearing on children as young as six for 30+ hours a week?

If you cannot provide the data that supports this harmful policy and if you cannot guarantee there will be no short or long-term effects on children from prolonged mask-wearing, we want you to abolish the new masking guidelines, as well as existing mask policies across schools in Ontario.

In September, many school boards decided to go above and beyond ministry guidelines and implemented mandatory masks from kindergarten, in some cases without consulting local public health units. Now, they are going even further with regards to mask exemption policies. Many school boards and principals are asking parents to defend their mask exemptions, and requesting additional documentation such as doctor’s notes, which the ministry clearly discourages. Even in cases where parents provide medical notes, principals are questioning and even rejecting those notes. In many cases where they accept doctor’s notes and allow medical exemptions, educators are segregating and discriminating against children with mask exemptions.

Some boards are going as far as revoking existing medical exemptions, and others are not allowing medical exemptions at all, which we believe is a contravention of the Ontario Human Rights Code. This is a clear violation of children’s human rights, especially those who have valid medical issues and are unable to wear masks.

We have included testimonials from parents whose children have suffered as a result of mask-wearing. Some first and last names have been removed for privacy reasons, but all of them are real and verifiable accounts we’ve received via email and our social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. There are countless other testimonials on similar websites and parent groups.

Does the Ministry of Education and Ontario school boards take full responsibility for any and all harms to children as a result of these enhanced masking policies? If so, we’d like it clearly spelled out in all ministry websites, documents and directives about mask wearing in schools.   

We want families and children to have the choice to wear masks, and we demand the government’s emergency COVID-19 orders do not supersede the human rights of children.

Further, we are asking that you do not implement mandatory masks or social distancing for the 2021-22 school year.  We also ask that school boards in the province not be granted additional powers to implement policies that go beyond provincial health directives. School boards should not be making these choices about our children’s health – medical professionals should be making those decisions, based on sound scientific evidence. As a recent report from Public Health Ontario9 showed, COVID-19 mitigation measures have contributed to a severe decline in children’s mental, emotional, developmental and physical health.  Suicide rates among children are climbing12. Children across Ontario have been forced to sacrifice their human rights this year in order to protect adults who are fully capable of protecting themselves with PPE. This is unconscionable. Many children say they don’t want to go to school anymore because of these COVID-19 protocols and the toxic environment they’ve created. Ontario children deserve a return to normalcy.

Parents are acutely aware of the constant battle between your government and teachers’ unions. Our position is clear: children are not to be used as political pawns in this ongoing battle. This is unacceptable and must cease immediately, for the sake of our children.  We ask that the provincial government protect children and redeem itself in the eyes of Ontario’s youngest generation, because children have lost faith in their school leadership and their government.




Parents for Mask Free Education



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The following testimonials were emailed to Parents for Mask Free Education:


Stefano Manno, parent of a child in Divine Mercy Catholic Elementary School:


I am writing to you as I have major concerns with my son having to wear a mask while attending school. My son had issues a few years ago with asthma. As the traditional medical resources failed him, we turned to a Naturopathic doctor, who cured him and he no longer relied on his puffers. I am happy to share that he has not relied on his puffers since 2019.


The new school year began and he started wearing a mask in September 2020 and by the time December came, he was having trouble breathing and wheezing which was a direct result of him wearing the mask. At that time, the school allowed my son, for the remainder of December, before Christmas break to come to school with a visor in place of the mask, which he then showed no signs of the asthmatic symptoms. 


To have him return to school in February, he needed a doctor’s note and the doctor refused to write my son a note to allow my son to wear a visor and be exempt from wearing a mask. In the doctor’s opinion, the reason for the symptoms reoccurring was not due to wearing a mask, however alternatively, every Naturopathic doctor opposes that opinion.


The doctor suggested my son wear a mask and start bringing an asthma puffer to school. As a result, the school refused to allow my son to return. I emailed the principal, superintendent and trustee. My son has been online since December and has been struggling mentally and emotionally as he now lacks the overall developmental benefits of physically attending school. 



Parent who wanted to remain anonymous:

My son is 4 years old, a Junior Kindergarten student in the Dufferin Peel Catholic School Board.  He has a medical condition and a doctor’s note exempting him from wearing a mask. The board questioned it and denied accommodating this request. The said that if we weren’t going to comply with mask-wearing he would need to register for the hybrid learning platform. For Kindergarten this is not an appropriate nor healthy way to learn.  I also do not have the flexibility with my job to work from home so I am not in the position to consider this as an option. 

Needless to say, the board agreed to an “accommodation request ” isolating him from other kids if he wasn’t wearing a mask. So, he has to take breaks and be by himself for multiple periods during the day.  The fact that the school board is leaving us parents with no other choice than to comply with their unhealthy rules despite the recommendation from our child’s physician is appalling.    I am so frustrated, and disappointed in our provincial leaders. And sadly, even children with medical conditions like my son cannot get the proper care that their physician is recommending.  This needs to stop. We need a change, effective immediately for the safety and well being of our children.  



Parent who wishes to reman anonymous:

I have a child who has asthma. She has been wearing a mask to school but lately it has begun to bother her, she feels that she doesn’t get enough air and it makes her cough. Because she has coughed in class, she has been sent home and not allowed to return to school without a negative covid test. She has been tested twice. On Friday she was sent home and had a covid test on Sunday and returned to school on Monday. She coughed again and they wanted her to go get a third test. I explained that it is not covid but it is asthma. The school asked for a doctors’ note. According to the school secretary she still needs to wear a mask. But it is the mask that is bothering her. The secretary told me that I can keep my child home and participate in online classes. I want my child to go to school. I was told that the school is simply following public health guidelines. What are my rights? I read that people with health conditions can be exempt. I thought that since she has asthma and has a doctor’s note that she will be mask exempt.

I feel that people are making assumptions and not really follow the guidance line. The school is in Markham.



Parent who wished to remain anonymous:


I am writing about my child’s experience with masks in school. I wish to remain anonymous.

Child is 6-year-old daughter, grade 1, Bruce Grey Catholic School Board.

Daughter suffers from daily headaches, dizzy, nausea. She has asthma as well as a condition that causes difficulty breathing through her nose. We have tried every mask out there with no success.

I informed the school that she will be attending maskless. I had support from public health. However, the school board demanded medical documentation. I refused to comply for many reasons however one being the long wait time (3-4 weeks) to schedule an appointment with the doctor to receive the note. Once I began investigating my rights, I realized that such documentation is not legally required. They questioned the medical issues I did describe (specifically her asthma, as this is something I have only ever treated at home) and asked if she had been diagnosed with this condition by a doctor (which she obviously had, however I believe they were questioning my statements). So far, I have kept her home as they have denied granting an exemption without a doctors note. As a full time working mother, I am not sure how to proceed, as keeping her home is not a viable long term solution.




Parent who wanted to remain anonymous:


Both my children are forced to wear masks all day at school. At the end of January I noticed my eldest child was complaining of headaches every other week. I took her to have an eye exam because I though it was due to needing glasses as we all wear glasses. Her eyesight was perfect. We tried reaching her paediatrician as he is only doing phone consultations. I explained to him that she has never had headaches before and that I’m worried he brushed it off and said give her Tylenol. Then I called back a couple weeks later and told him the headaches were accompanied with nausea and dizziness. He then brushed me off again and told her to give her vitamin B12. I told him it’s because she is wearing a mask.

My daughter is very healthy. She does not have any underlying heath issues. She does not deserve to go through this. No child does. This is causing her extreme anxiety. I have told the teachers that she needs to remove her mask a couple of times a day and they say yes but when she asks, they yell at her.

I have asked for an exemption letter from her paediatrician and he said he doesn’t give them. I am at my wits end and I don’t know what else to do. I can file a human rights complaint but this will take months. I’ve even sent her to school with no mask and they force it on her, and make her feel horrible. As of today, my daughter will not be returning to her classes.


Danielle, who did not wish to provide her last name:

My SK comes home from school and tells me if he doesn’t wear his mask (which he is not required to wear but keeps being “strongly encouraged” to wear) that he or his friends could get sick and die! This narrative is not something we EVER discuss in front of our children. This fear NEEDS TO STOP!

I have heard from other parents that bullying has occurred when their children have not worn their masks and this is the last thing I want my children to experience.



Katie in Eastern Ontario (wanted to keep her location anonymous):


My sweet nine-year-old boy suffers from ADHD And ADD and has felt as though this pandemic mask wearing has centred him out and I’m sick of it. Being in education myself I’m tired day in and day out trying to get these children to listen to something I don’t agree with. Getting back to my son, he is 9 and is a very delicate boy. He hurdles thru his disability but can’t anymore without the help of medication. Our family doctor told us it would be a year until he received the help he needs because of COVID. I’m outraged my son is struggling. He hates wearing a mask it’s a struggle and argument everyday and it is killing who my sweet boy is. He makes comments about ending his life and ‘what’s the point?’ because he can’t do what makes him happy – his music. I’m sick of people telling me my son is being dramatic or to suck it up for a little longer, he doesn’t deserve this not at such a young age. It has made his condition worsen than get better. When I went to the school saying we are in crisis they told me to homeschool my child not realizing it would effect my career (as I’m an educator myself). They are supposed to protect children, guide children and I feel as though children with disabilities are being put to pasture and are told basically to adapt. There needs to be a change, we need to stop abusing our children. Thank you.  Sincerely, a concerned frustrated parent.



A  Freeman in Halton Region:

My daughters are enrolled at Eastview public school which has a special needs component for children with physical, and developmental needs. 


They both have sensory processing disorders and require accommodations. We immediately acquired a mask exemption that was granted by the principal. He informed me that he was concerned about the possible issue of bullying without masks. 


As my children were both severely bullied last year, I chose to mask my children in a breathable mesh mask.


On the second day of school my youngest daughter escaped from the school line up and ran home alone two blocks because she was scared of the masks on teachers and didn’t want to be there without one. She had one in her pocket but had forgotten. She was scared the teachers were going to be angry at her and send her to the office.


The second mask related issue revolved around the teacher complaining my daughter chews her mask and isn’t willing to sit during class.

This is because long periods of sitting is not developmentally appropriate for children of her age and actually causes anxiety. 


The CERT admits the school isn’t meeting the developmental needs of children and they are all suffering.


When I asked the teacher about how she would teach reading masked, she wouldn’t tell me unless I submitted reports of her sensory processing issues, which I did not wish to submit for fear of her being discriminated against.


Following this, we were contacted in November by the principal, who said our exemption now needed a medical note to substantiate my children’s sensory issues. We followed up with a note from our MD and was met with a new demand to submit the letter the MD based her decision on. I declined. They then threatened to isolate my children by moving them away from all the other children and treat them differently as a result of the medical exemption. I explained this was discrimination and segregation and my lawyer would be involved by day’s end. This is outrageous and illegal and parents are being subjected to this treatment as a result of board “self management”.



A parent who wanted to remain anonymous:


I have a testimony submission for my child and the Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board. My child is in grade 4.

I first contacted the board after Christmas as I removed my daughter from school this September because of her inability to wear a mask (medical- anxiety, panic, trouble breathing).  I didn’t know what exemptions would look like so I decided to homeschool her until I learned more.  She was feeling like she wanted to return in person as she missed her friends and is in French immersion- a program I couldn’t teach her myself.  The principal told me to contact public health in regards to an exemption.  There is no legal exemption process in place as per public health- the nurse just listened to my concerns and my child’s issues in wearing a mask and she told me to tell my child to enjoy back to school.  This was end of January.  My child (grade 4) has been attending school in person ever since, but the board continues to harass me for a doctor note.  I have made it very clear that a note is not necessary as per the legal rights of exemptions within Ontario and I won’t provide documentation to appease them when I don’t legally have to.  I offered to write a letter of conscience of beliefs and have it notarized but they told me it would not be acceptable. I continue to refuse and have given them all the research on the harms of masks- both physically and psychologically.  I also asked where is the informed consent on the harms of a masks given to parents (after all, we have to give permission for them to go online or walk across the street) and all of the appropriate health and safety standards that should be given to anyone wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time (including fit tests, oxygen monitoring, change of mask, breathing breaks).  They gave me no answer.  I am still technically in limbo with them but I have continued to send my child without a mask.


Tal Hebdon:

I’m horrified that my kids are forced to wear masks all day, including outside. My 10-year-old daughter now dreads going to school saying masks give her headaches and she hates wearing them. We let her miss school one day last week to give her a break. When I called to school saying she has a headache due to prolonged mask-wearing, the administrator said if she puts that in her file, it will be flagged as a symptom of covid and she’ll be required to isolate for 10 days or produce a negative test before being allowed back in school. Utterly ridiculous. In the end we said she was taking a mental health day. Even the administrator knew how stupid it was and sympathized with the struggles of my daughter, but her hands were tied, she had no choice either. Last Friday I actually had to fight my beautiful daughter to convince her to go to school, something I never imagined having to do.


A parent who wanted to remain anonymous:

First child: 12yrs old, TVDSB. She has had more absences this year than in her entire school life to date. These are for days she just can’t take wearing a mask to school.  The final straw was having to wear one at recess in 2021. That was their safe space to look forward to, not anymore.  There is a yard duty teacher that takes pity on her and her best friend and “sneaks” them to another place in the yard for a break with the mask. Those adults are few and far between. She has seen friends suspended for not wearing them “properly” or not putting them on fast enough. It gets her anxiety high.

Her brother is 7 yrs old, same school board. He is mask exempt. We had no issues getting it approved with our note from the family doctor however the hoops to go through were insane. He does have to endure from certain kids telling him he is “dangerous” or that he will die. He knows this not to be true (thanks only to our parenting) but he hates it. Then he is targeted for not following COVID-19 protocols or social distancing properly simply because of his exemption.  He says he hates being bad which we have to remind him he’s done nothing wrong. 


Homeschooling is not an option as our kids need their friends and it would do more harm to them as well. We did the private school thing. Horrible experience.  We love this school but hate the union and this government for what they are doing.  Please take the masks off our kids before it’s too late.





Cindy Muskat:


My name is Cindy, and I have 2 beautiful and healthy girls aged 5 and 9.  They are part of the TDSB

With the newest and strictest masking measure going into effect in February 2021, my 9-year old has been complaining of headaches (which she has never in her life complained about).  None of the kids in the school (Kindergarten to grade 6) are given mask breaks, and the only time they are able to take it off is during snack and lunch time – at which time they are not allowed to say a word to each other.

My 5-year old – who is an outgoing and bubbly young lady – has told me on more than one occasion that she has either been reprimanded, or moved to sit elsewhere if she is caught talking to her classmate during snack time.  In order to reduce the temptation of talking with their classmates, they are shown videos.


My 9-year old has complained of dizziness on more than one occasion during her gym class, even though her teacher has assured me that it’s just “light” exercise.  Even though there have been countless documents from Public Health and Sick Kids that children should NOT be wearing a mask during while doing any physical exercise.  I will have to pull her out of this class, and her only option is to sit somewhere by herself.


Virtual school is not an option for us as they crave the social interaction with their peers – both my daughters have told me that they are willing to bare the negative consequences of wearing a mask just so that they can see their friends.  This is not something that any child, in my opinion, should have to bare.




Nadim Atallah in Maple, ON:


I just wanted to share my 7-year old daughter’s experience with wearing a mask at school.

We got a call from school (Maple Creek P.S. in Vaughan, Ontario) on February 17th (the first day kids were back in school this year) asking us to pick her up as she wasn’t feeling well. As per the attached screening form, she was experiencing shortness of breath, headache and fatigue and this occurred after wearing a mask for about 3 hours straight. It was her first time wearing a mask for this long. Of course, we were told that she needs a negative PCR result before she can go back to school, alternatively, she has to stay home for 2 weeks. Her brother also had to leave school and his return was contingent on his sister’s negative PCR. I thanked the school principal for her care and told her that I’m pretty sure it’s the mask that was causing all this. Sure enough, as soon as we walked out, I took my daughter’s mask off and 10 minutes later she was perfectly fine. Unfortunately, we had to do a PCR test so that the kids can return to school. 


Just another negative experience that the kids had to go through because of the mask mandate. I thought I’d share it with you to add it to the list of stories if needed for the case.





An educator who wanted to remain anonymous:


I work as a Registered Early Childhood Educator with Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board in Ontario. Early Childhood Educators work strictly in Ontario kindergarten classrooms.

My position is categorized as “casual” or “supply”. 


While I am not a parent, I wanted to give some insight into what goes on in some schools during the day, where parents can’t see. 


From September-December I supplied in different classrooms and schools located between Bowmanville and Apsley.


I spent a week in one classroom where I witnessed a child start to remove his mask and when I happened to glance over at him, he quickly pulled his mask back up. I went over and told him he was allowed to take a break. 


At my current school, the SK/grade 1 teacher told her class they have to wear masks all the time “because it’s the law”. These teachers are SCARING your children into compliance. 

Grade 1-8 students are expected to wear their masks all day, everyday, even while outside. If they want to remove their mask outside, they have to be 6 feet away from anyone else.


A JK student in my class told his sister who hugged him at recess “we’re not allowed to hug at school”. 


I have witnessed a teacher put sanitizer on a kindergartner’s hands after he said “no” and was attempting to hide his hands.


I have witnessed a teacher tell children multiple times that they “can’t just get up and walk around because COVID”.


The classroom teacher and the SERT (special education resource teacher) just recommended one of our kindergarten students for a speech assessment. So we are worried about her speech but she can’t see our faces or mouths all day. How does that make sense?


I thought I heard a girl in my class tell her friend she hates wearing a mask but when I asked her to repeat what she said she wouldn’t. Was she scared to tell an adult she hates the mask? Does she feel like she’s not allowed to not wear it?


Children chew on their masks, they touch their masks and their faces constantly. They leave their masks everywhere, outside on the school yard and on the classroom floor. They touch worn masks that don’t belong to them. It is absolutely the most unsanitary thing you have ever seen.


Since September I have met children who have told me I can’t touch their backpacks or toys. I have met children who sanitize their hands obsessively. I have met children who have said they are afraid of dying of the virus. These children are between age 4-6. What they are enduring at school is complete child abuse. 


I am stuck between a rock a hard a place. I worry about what I say and do at work for fear of my job. If I don’t comply will I face disciplinary action? Time will tell, in the meantime, I do not remind the children in my class to out their masks on and I do not help put masks on children. 


I do not have such governance over another human being’s body to force them to wear a mask. 


If my school board is still mandating masks for children and/or adults, I am seriously considering not returning to work in September 2021. Whether this is a leave of absence or a formal resignation is yet to be determined. 


I am not anti mask, I am pro personal responsibility, pro personal freedom, and I am pro Mask Free Education!!!!






A parent who wanted to remain anonymous:

I’m concerned for my two children, ages 9 and 12.  My oldest had to give up her gymnastics lessons which she loved so much because the club decided to make the children train with masks on for 2-4 hours at a time.  She tried to do it for one class and came home asking not to go back.  She said she could not breathe, her mask was soaked in humidity and sweat and she didn’t want to experience that anymore.   I called the gym and spoke with the owner at lengths warning the dangers of doing vigorous exercise with masks, especially for children.  She didn’t seem to care and almost laughed that I warned of the potential dangers.  I also reminded the owner of the bylaws in our city which state masks can be removed for exercise.  She didn’t care.  I then told her I could provide a medical note to which she responded would not change anything.  So, I had to pull her out of the club and she has not been able to go back since.   


My youngest daughter suffers from anxiety and panic symptoms when wearing a mask for too long.  She tells me she can’t breathe, that she feels anxious and that her ears hurt.   I contacted the school for next year and asked about mask exemptions for her as she’s been doing virtual this year.  They told me they couldn’t grant it at the school level and that I needed to get a medical note and send it to the board for someone there to decide if it was “acceptable” or not.  I am in the process of gathering the note, but I’m not confident.


We decided to have our kids do virtual learning this year as we were completely against all these restrictions in the schools and the masking for hours on end, not because of fear of them getting sick.  We hoped that after a year and half, these restrictions or at least the masks would be gone, but it’s not looking like that will happen.  In fact, our children’s school has doubled down now asking for the children to be masked at all times, even at recess and during gym class.  So now, they have that rag on their faces from the time they get on the bus in the morning to the time they come home at night.  The kids are also concerned that if they do get an exemption, they will be ostracized by the other kids and mistreated by the teachers.


We are absolutely sickened by all this and don’t know what else to do.   They really need to go back as they have been home since last March, but I don’t want to do this to my babies.






Patricia Castillo:


I have a friend who has serious medical visual disability and she has actually gotten a MD note which supports her to be excused from wearing goggles at work.

She works for the Waterloo public school board as an EA.

The school board has offered her an unpaid leave. She has a true visual disability and they appear unwilling to accommodate an exemption from the goggles.





A parent of three who wished to remain anonymous:


During lunch hour when mask is off to eat, children are being told they are not allowed to speak. If they wish to speak during lunch, they have to put their masks back on, speak, then off again to eat. There is no such requirement in restaurants, so I don’t understand why children are being subject to this?


Masks are mandatory during indoor gym/physical education. My understanding was (even from the WHO) is that masks should not be worn during physical activity because they restrict breathing. My daughter said they were running laps in the gym with masks on. A teacher friend said that they are only supposed to be doing low impact phys ed. Don’t really understand the difference there? Any physical activity shouldn’t require a mask, one would think? Well, they shouldn’t be wearing them at all.


And of course the disgusting masking of children while outside. Masks are all wet. Have to change multiple times. Send my children with multiple masks but it’s the handling of so many masks (touching and changing them). It’s not a sterile environment. The policy was that they would have to wear masks outside only where social distancing is not possible, however children told by school principals and teachers they are to be masked at all times regardless. Hard for kids to social distance when they have them in designated pods outside that they are not allowed to step out of under no circumstances. There is no provincial/local mandatory outdoor masking policy, so again, why are our children being subject to this?





Lori Campbell:


My child is 4.  She turned 4 years old in September.  She came from a large daycare center where the children did not wear masks (it reopened in June so she was there until school started).

She does not like wearing a mask, she hates it.  She always keeps her nose out as she says her nose runs when it’s covered up and she can’t breathe.

I understand that as I have always had a nose issue (and this has been documented for over 10 years) where my nose constantly runs water.  When I put a mask on, this intensifies 80%.  My doctor has all my medical information BUT my daughter has never been seen for this condition as it wasn’t an issue pre-COVID and now my doctor only does appointments by telephone.

My daughter also has a speech issue (we see a speech therapist at $150 a session and this was pre-COVID as well) so not only does wearing a mask prevent her from speaking clearly as she already has issues, but she also cannot see the other kids speak to her which is an issue.

I spoke at the Trustees Board meeting about this back in August.  I sent letters to everyone I can think of. 

I also heard that masks will be mandatory next year as well.  My daughter will be 4 years old (turning 5) next year and I can’t go through this again, yet I cannot pull her from school as myself and my husband are essential, we have always been essential the entire shutdown and never stop personally attending at work.   





Parent who wanted to remain anonymous:


I am the parent of two young children. A child in SK and a child in grade 1. We are part of the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board. We have provided notes from doctors for both of our children for wearing masks. The principal/teachers are telling our children that they are only allowed to take small breaks from their masks while they are completely segregated from the rest of their class.? Our 5 year old is not taking to the masks, she cries, has panic attacks at home etc. our 6 year old has asthma. We strongly oppose the masks that have been put in place.





Cheri Thornton:


My daughter is 5, junior kindergarten in Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District school Board. She’s had to get in trouble with her principal and miss school time because she is uncomfortable, and doesn’t want her mask back on! She gets treated poorly for simply trying to take a few extra minutes of no mask for a break. This is abusive. We either segregate our kids by singling then out with an exemption, or we allow this to continue so she can go to school. What a terrible introduction to the school system. 





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Parent who wanted to remain anonymous:


My unmask story is a bit different, because I got an exemption right away for my child. I still want to share this about our situation, to bring awareness about less talked about issues that the mask causes.

My child is 7 years old and has been living with diabetes type 1 for two years now. This is an autoimmune illness – that means that the body’s defences have gone berserk and destroyed the cells that produce insulin, a hormone that we need to stay alive. To deal with this deficit, we inject artificial insulin several times a day. This is complicated, as too little will lead to damages over time, and too much is directly lethal. A diabetic deals constantly with trying to balance the insulin intake with how the blood sugar behaves. It’s quite normal for a diabetic to experience both high and low blood sugar.

High blood sugar can cause symptoms like headaches, nausea and mood swings. All these symptoms become aggravated by a mask. If you get a small headache, the mask will amplify it. If you become nauseated, the mask will feel disgusting and add to it. If you become angry or sad, the mask will become an unbearable irritation.


But as annoying and exhausting as high blood sugar is, it is rarely acutely dangerous.

Low blood sugar on the other hand, IS acutely dangerous. As it sinks, you become increasingly dizzy, nauseated, uncoordinated, incoherent, fatigued and pale. It might be described as somewhat similar to being very, very drunk. If the condition is not treated, you can faint, slip into a coma and even die. Here is where a mask becomes really dangerous, because it obscured the signs that a person is going low. No one around you can notice that you look tired or pale if you have a mask over your face. If you are in danger of passing out, a mask will accelerate that process. If your speech becomes slurred, the mask will make it even more difficult for you to communicate. If you become uncoordinated, you may be unable to remove the mask yourself. And if you actually faint, a mask can become a death trap, pressed over your mouth – perhaps even wet if you fall in snow or slush. A severe low can happen rather rapidly, if you are physically active or you have taken too much insulin. The treatment for a low is to eat sugar. To do this, the mask would have to be removed and handled.


In short, a mask conceals the signs that something is about to go wrong, it makes it harder for the person to communicate, it makes every single symptom worse and it delays treatment. When my child wears one, he says that he feels low all the time – dizzy and nauseated. This is very, very dangerous, as he can’t tell when he is actually slipping into a low. The mask is disabling his ability to feel how his body is doing.


At the same time, a lot of parents of diabetics are subjecting their children to these dangers, because diabetes has been added to the list of conditions that supposedly increase the risks of Covid. This isn’t technically correct. Diabetes in itself does not increase the risk of getting a serious case of Covid. However, diabetes can cause or correlate with a number of other things that will increase the risks, so it isn’t entirely wrong either. Type 2 diabetes is often linked to being overweight, which is a risk factor. And anyone who lives with diabetes of either kind without proper control for a long time will get various complications, not unlike the damage that smoking will do to you over time. A diabetic child who is otherwise healthy and has good control of his condition is not in any increased danger from Covid whatsoever (this has been established in Europe), but a person who has lived for years with poor control might be. It’s not as simple as diabetes = risk factor, but unfortunately Canada has not made that distinction. This has led many parents to either mask their diabetic children despite the risks of the masks, or keep them away from school due to fear of having the child be forced to mask.


For me, the risk evaluation is 100% clear. The mask poses a greater risk to my child than Covid does. If he wears a mask, he runs a fairly great risk of having his lows overlooked, despite the technology we have to aid us. He would likely pass out sooner or later and end up in a hospital. This I weighed against the astronomically small risk that he should catch Covid in an incredibly safe and controlled environment, and then become seriously affected by it even though he is in fine shape and his values are well below the recommended range for a child his age.


When a mask exception is mentioned, people immediately think of asthma or autism. But there are many other conditions that also make the mask a clear danger.


My child deals with quite enough – he gets six injections every day to stay alive. The best strategy to keep him healthy long term is by getting him a good education so that he can one day get a good job with a good insurance to pay for the insulin he needs to stay alive and the tools that he needs to regulate his condition.





Strauss in Milton, ON


Halton Catholic District School Board (child attends Our Lady of Fatima):


My son has never had skin issues, but look at his poor face from these masks! I’m a single parent single income no child support. I need to keep working but this breaks my heart:




Wendy Willett:

My 9-year-old was complaining of headaches and chest pain once she returned in-class learning. I called the school to express my concerns. She now allowed to go mask-free at recess, all of snack and lunch along with other breaks in between if needed. Since then, she does not suffer from these complaints. Today while in class, my 7 year old started to see double and became very dizzy.

Tonight, my 7 seven year old twin’s brother told me while at school everything suddenly looked grey.

It is very concerning that all three of my kids have developed some sort of symptom from wearing masks all day.





Salomeja Pargauskas:


I’m a mom of 5. I have 2 kids currently attending school in Courtland Ontario. They are at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic school with the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic school board. My daughter is 7 years old and is in Gr. 2 and son is 8 in Gr. 3. My other son is 4 and hopefully will be able to go to school in September. I have not sent him yet because of the whole mask issue.


I’m currently trying to get a mask exemption for both kids. I have requested exemptions for both of them and the school demands a doctor’s note. My daughter has been told that she can make others sick if she plays with her friends with her mask off her nose. Both kids are experiencing anxiety over mask wearing and being watched by teachers and principal and constantly being told to pull the mask up over their nose. The kids are masked for 8 hours a day including gym class and outdoor recess. I cannot understand how anyone thinks it’s safe to wear a mask during physical activity and why our school boards and teachers are not challenging the Health Units recommendations. It’s been a very stressful time for the kids and parents alike.




Krista Mackenzie:

My child’s Impetigo from mask causing eczema. She only wears it on the bus (photo below):






Nicole Lalonde:


I have two children, one in grade 8 at King George Public School and one in grade 6 at Edward Johnson Public School.

My grade 8 child has had an incident at school involving masks. He was forced to run and do push ups in gym class with a mask on. This caused him to feel so unwell and out of breath that he vomited. We had email correspondence with the principal about this and no change was available other than they will try to do less cardio exercises in gym to avoid this problem.


In addition to this incident, he has been apathetic and depressed about going to school, seeing friends and socializing with a mask on.


My grade 6 child, upon the most recent return to school was deeply upset by forced masking even during recess period. The constant rubbing of fabric on his nose started frequent nose bleeds. He would get yelled at by supervising teachers at recess if he pulled his mask down for a few breaths of fresh air, even if he was 2 or more meters away from another person. He became so distraught that he didn’t want to go to school anymore, and felt like he didn’t want to live in a world like this. Email and telephone communication with the principal gave us the opportunity to have a mask exemption during recess times and he now is back at school. He is able to take masks breaks upon request throughout the day. Even with these accommodations I can see the mental health toll that masking is making on my children. I am deeply concerned for the health and well being of every child and hope that this testimonial will help in the endeavor to unmask our kids.






Wes Beharrel:


I have had a few go arounds with Thames Valley District School Board. I wanted to share my story and what I know – perhaps many of us can use this opportunity to get on the same page.


I have 2 boys, one 5 and the other turning 11 next month. I was able to get a mask exemption for my youngest as he has a hearing impairment (unfortunately no lip reading the teacher and classmates for him), but couldn’t get one for my oldest. For my oldest I was trying to use the grounds of his glasses fogging up, impairing his vision and classroom experience. I wear glasses, and find it ridiculous that their solution is to wear one’s glasses further down ones nose to allow the vapor to pass through the top – pretty sure that is not how the prescription was designed.


Anyway about 2 weeks ago, I approached the principal about getting my oldest a mask exemption again – citing his mental health is deteriorating form the masking. I was asked about what condition he had, at which time I told them he is a healthy 10-year-old, but your masking is adding to the decline in his mental health. Well, the principal (Mrs. Jennifer Tudhope) advised me she would have to take it up with the board. This is where it got interesting.


The Superintendent Andrea Marlowe who is also the “Diversity and Equity Coordinator” got ahold of me the next day, and when I told her I demanded a face mask exemption for the benefit of my child’s mental health, she demanded that I “explain his disability to her.” I again told her, “oh, my son isn’t disabled… my son’s mental health is becoming disabled with his full day of mask wearing in school”. She told me that my reasoning wasn’t relevant. She said they were well within their rights and within the Ontario Human Rights, to refuse my son entry to the school if he is not masked. I told her there is no way their policy meeting Section 1 of the Canadian Charter, and she said yet it does, and that the policy has Precedent in the courts! The case law she cited? Get this: Kahn v. Upper Grand District School Board.


This case involved a seriously violent autistic youngster who would violently attack students and teachers. Because of the significant health risk of harm he posed on other students and faculty, the courts ruled that it was in everyone’s health interests to refuse him attendance to the school.

Well, you can imagine my outrage? Some kids get mask exemptions because of the “appearance of a disability” (like my youngest), yet these kids are not deemed a significant health risk… yet our perfectly healthy kids ARE held out as significant health risks if they aren’t masked?


The hypocrisy, the double standards, and the complete lunacy detached from actual facts and science is outrageous! I have submitted a case with the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms, hoping they will pick this case up on the grounds I discussed – addressing how the case precedent is no way even measured as a precedent pertaining to masking our kids!

This isn’t over.






Parent who wanted to remain anonymous:


So I received a phone call from the Vice principal at my teenager’s school saying that she was calling to inform me that there is a new protocol in place and that my son Darcy could only return to school in person on Jan 25 without a mask IF HE HAS A DOCTOR’S NOTE. I explained to her that she cannot legally ask for a note and inquired as to where the new protocol originated from, which she danced around it. I explained my son is exempt under the human rights and that I would take the matter to court if I must. She said she would report my words to her superior. I asked her again, whom should I call at the school board. She tells me vaguely the lady in question retired. I reiterated I needed to get to the bottom of this. She tells me I can call the superintendent and that she will be in touch, but that If Darcy doesn’t have a medical note, he must do online as far as she knows. I stated I have an excellent lawyer who will not take lightly to the matter being discriminatory.

I proceeded to call, of course, the superintendent and left her a voice mail with essentially the same content.

Two minutes later, the Vice Principal calls me back. Says she apologizes but the response she got from her superior is that they were mistaken and that Darcy doesn’t in fact need a note to be maskless. She explains that the policy was ‘wrongly worded”. (How can it be ‘wrongly worded” to produce such a wildly different account??) She commends me for clarifying the matter because now I have made that other parents will not have to fight for it with the board. She thanked me for my kindness and understanding in the matter, and apologized for any angst. I explained that I feel very bad for educators and administrators on whose shoulders such things as enforcement of these hypocrisies the burden is laid.



Victoria Kerr:

My school board in Sept 2020 was originally going to have kids k-3 in optional masks.

A few days before school started, they made it mandatory (my daughter in SK) without informing parents until late.

My daughter has a legitimate medical exemption. Technically, she also has an accommodation aspect.

I got her principal to finally sign of on an exemption letter after fighting with them for a week almost.

The Saturday night before school started in September, my daughter’s teacher called and asked me to reconsider. I said no.

The Sunday before school started, the again tried to convince me. Again I said no.

The morning of school, I go to drop her off and her teachers harassed me and pressured me into saying yes. Not only that, they threatened her into wearing one saying that she would not be allowed to play with anyone, and that she would be on her own. I was fuming.

They also had the audacity to send me photos. Also, after she wore them, she would get severe dry throat, rashes, higher temperature, breathing difficulties, etc.

The are also refusing to accommodate her disability.

It breaks my heart every single day. She knows about the truth about this and how unhealthy they are. She hates them.

What they did was unfair and cruel.




Jennifer McBain:

I have two kids, 13 year old son and 11 year old daughter. I struggle each day watching them mask to be allowed in school, stores, my daughter’s cheer. This is so wrong! I am terribly worried that their immune systems are getting weaker and weaker with all this masking, sanitation, and plain lack of fresh air!! They hate masking… but want to be in school… so they do it because they have no other choice! It would be very difficult to even get an exemption… and even if they did… they do not want to be harassed and bullied… so they just tough out each day. They get head aches, and sore throats… and my son gets over heated and has had to leave school often as he can’t take it anymore! Their faces have rashes and pimples on them all around wear the masks are. It is so upsetting to see these mandates getting stricter and stricter! Praying for all our kids… their health, well-being… and that this insanity ends soon!



Sarah Johnson:

The other day my teenage daughter was expressing her frustration about being forced to wear a mask during gym class. She said it’s so difficult to breathe and it gets sweaty, she also has to go and wash her face afterwards or she gets acne.  Both my daughters have complained of teachers who discipline kids constantly about following the rules even outside. Why should they have to wear masks outside?



Danielle Ideias:


I am a mother of 3 kids, 2 in college/university. All online this year so no worries for in class masks. However, I have a 14 year old who was supposed to start high school this year. I had to make a very difficult decision, and kept her home. I had done much research on masks that have been done before science wasn’t a thing anymore. I couldn’t in good conscience, send her to school in a mask for hours every day. It killed me doing this. Being forced to make a choice between physical health and mental health with her education is unreal. Fortunately, she has a great social circle that I encourage her to enjoy anytime she can. I know she wants to be in class but respects my choice. I am paying close attention to her mental state. If I see her start to suffer, I will be forced to reconsider even with what I know. So far so good. Helps she hates the mask, I think. My son has been working the entire time. He started wearing masks in July when they mandated it here. I was aware of his issues which encouraged my choice with my youngest. My older daughter who is also a diabetic is now called back to work and has come home with headaches and elevated blood sugars. They both HATE the mask but need their jobs. I’m so frustrated that this is even a thing.



Tara Nolan:

This is what masking all day is doing to my son. Every week his voice becomes hoarse, as though he’s about to get a cold. Throughout the weekend of breathing oxygen, and the supplements we give him it clears up and disappears. I’m disgusted that the school is doing this to my child and his natural, social, huggable personality is getting him in trouble because of the “safety concern”. Believe me, I would keep him home if that were possible. Not all parents can afford to stay home, nor all children able to complete school work online.



Theresa Gebbinck:


I am a grandmother that lives with my son and granddaughters. I have a granddaughter in middle school that has to wear the mask on the bus and if she is outside or in the hallways at school. She is very compliant and wears it as she is told to by the school, she is very afraid to “break the rules” and not wear it. I noticed that she seems to be more lethargic and complains of headaches plus she is starting to break out from the mask wearing. I don’t want my grandchildren becoming accustomed to wearing them as I believe they are completely toxic to wear for any length of time. The kids do not handle the masks properly, they get stuffed in their backpacks, pulled out with dirty hands etc… I also disagree with muzzling our kids and it makes me very angry that this is forced upon them. This is just the beginning of more unwelcomed mandates from our so-called government and it needs to stop!



Kelly Dales:

My daughter requested an exemption for my 9 year old granddaughter (who has Down Syndrome) and was told she would be the only child without a mask and would be ostracized. she wears the mask willingly but doesn’t keep it clean so we are worried about infection/illness




The following testimonials were posted to Parents for Mak Free Education’s Twitter group:

Tiny Steiny



At my son’s school a teacher made a grade 7 student cry, because he pulled his mask down while running outside. Also, no touching the gym floor because they say it spreads the virus. This is the insanity. This is not good for children’s mental health!





I teach in TVDSB. Lower socio-economic area. I have seen kids wear the same cloth mask for days on end. I’m sure they are not getting washed. It’s unsanitary. Often, they will not take ones offered by teachers as they are not ‘cool’ or don’t have a good logo




My kindergartener’s masks come back soaked and he changes them 3 times a day. This has to end.





My 6 year old gets nose bleeds at least every other day from mask wearing. Kids are complaining about feeling tired all the time after school





I have confronted teachers who tell kids they will kill their friends if they don’t distance or pull up their masks. A certain teacher told me the kids need to be scared to conform.


The BigShot Sound System



My 7 year old son has a medical exemption. He was questioned 5 times in 2 days by teachers who absolutely should know better but he’s strong and told them he has an exemption. I informed the principal in no uncertain terms next time he is questioned, the school will face a lawsuit.


gina macintosh



A teacher held a piece of paper up to her face when my daughter approached her to ask a question (unmasked) and shouted at her to return to her seat. Documenting everything.


Maxime Nuerva



We were horrified this morning after our child choked and became dizzy while doing gym with mask on! Which is AGAINST THE WHO RECOMMENDATIONS for mask wearing.




Today my 9y old child is wearing a mask for 7.5h so an adult can feel ‘safe’. He has a headache and sore throat every day. He used to love school. It needs to STOP



Masks are rarely worn properly or are properly fitted. I see students with the same mask day after day. I’m sure they have just been stuffed into backpacks at the end of the day. Stained, dirty masks are prevalent. Office supply of kids masks are always low.

Masks are rarely worn properly or are properly fitted. I see students with the same mask day after day. I’m sure they have just been stuffed into backpacks at the end of the day. Stained, dirty masks are prevalent. Office supply of kids masks are always low.

Upper end schools usually have families that can afford extra masks and take the time to educate their kids about the importance of mask exchange. On the other hand at my school we’re lucky if students bring one in at all.

Teachers have not been given the instructions to tell the kids to change them. If I notice a kids mask looks like shit, I’ll send him to the office to get a new one. And it depends on the school…



Ahava Trivedi



My daughter (grade 3) never wore them properly, she feels suffocated with them on so always wore them with her nose out. She hates things on her face and it causes her anxiety





My kid always has a dirty mask. Guess he wipes his mouth poorly after his meal. There are usually stains on it from what he ate, and it’s moist – and he only wears it on the bus




 I do notice that my son has more frequent headaches, especially on days he has gym, massive headaches that keep him from moving because of pain, he also has several conditions affecting his heart




My 6 year old gets nose bleeds at least every other day from mask wearing. Kids are complaining about feeling tired all the time after school


Clint Gunter


Daily headaches and a rash for my 13 year daughter. I requested she not wear it in OCT. She has been happy since then.





Daily: “when can I stop wearing this” Teacher yelling constantly “don’t touch”, headaches, can’t play, constant distraction. But worst was when he came out wearing someone else’s used, dirty, wet one “I can’t find mine”. Kinder Age